Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seat Weaving

Seat weaving is a big part of producing my post and rung chairs. I start by making all the parts and usually a little more. Wood can often surprise you as to what is inside once you cut into it so an extra leg or other part already rough cut is great to have on hand. Here are some pictures of a more than typical stack of parts while making a production run of my popular danish modern stool.  On to the weaving part next...

Weaving is so different to the process of cutting and shaping wood that it gives me a break and time to stand in one place and give my full attention to a singular process. Here you can see me wrapping the danish cord at the corner. This is the most critical part of every weave. Once a corner is turned there is no going back. A mistake made can never be corrected properly so perfection is key from beginning to end or at least the best attempt at perfection. 

A typical seat usually takes about two and a half hours to complete. My hands, as tough as they are, can only do about three seats a day even when wearing my leather golf gloves. The danish cord is so durable it can really do a number on hands. The results when completed are always worth the effort though.

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