Monday, June 6, 2016

Danish Modern Lounge Chairmaking Classes - Learn to Weave Danish Cord

I've recently completed a Danish modern style lounge chair that is perfect for the serious student of the craft. If you ever wanted to learn how to weave Hans Wegner's CH25 then this is the chair for you. It is a foldable chair so when the class is through you can easily pack it home.

The design of this chair is inspired after the Hans Wegner 512 folding chair but it has been simplified in style similar to Morten G√łttler's Cuba chair. I then adjusted the chair's framing to accommodate the "planflet" weave pattern. Needless to say its a surprisingly comfortable chair. I know you will enjoy making and using this piece for many years to come.

What will the class entail? It will be a 5 day, one-on-one course (Mon-Fri). The components, including hardware, will be pre-made for you. You will spend the first two days removing milling marks from the parts and creating a finish ready surface. Then you assemble the frame and put on a traditional Danish finish. Starting day three you will begin the weaving process.

The total cost for the class is $1850 which includes materials. Please contact me for scheduling a class.


  1. Beautiful chair!
    I wish I could come over the pond and attend to the course... *sigh*

    Any chance that you publish a plan for this chair? Or what about a DVD?
    I think it would be a great project for a PopularWoodworking DVD....

    Marc (Germany)

  2. I found your blog very helpful and amazing,.
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  3. You make beautiful pieces! What is the hardware you used for this? And can you publish a video on how to build? It's so gorgeous.

    1. Emily,

      A step by step article on how to build this chair will be in the June Popular Woodworking magazine. I hope that helps. It will describe how I make the hardware as well. It's not store bought. Thanks for the nice comments.


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