Friday, June 3, 2016

Taking Traditional Spokeshave Pre-Orders - Plus User Reviews!

Hello All! I'm currently working on a large batch of my traditional spokeshaves. I've had lots of great feedback on these shaves so I'm happy to be offering them again so soon.

Here's what Peter Galbert has to say about the spokeshave and a quick video clip here on Instagram.

Another review from Austrian chairmaker Bern Chandley with a video clip here on Instagram.

If you'd like to learn more or place an order click here to go to my shop. I've got some in apple, pear, persimmon, and of course beech.

traditional wooden spokeshave spoke shave

See the use and care instructions for the shave in the next post and here is a quick video showing what makes this shave different than their moderns spokeshave relatives. (I've posted this previously.) This is no ordinary "wooden spokeshave kit" kinda tool. 

Enjoy and Thank You to everyone for your continued support of small independent craftsman!

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  1. Good post, thanks for sharing video with us as well. Will be bookmarking you blog and would love to read more blogs from you