Thursday, August 4, 2011

Traditional Meets Modern

As much as I love traditional construction methods because of there time tested quality, I also love modern tools because they do most of the really back breaking work of processing wood to a usable furniture building material. My shop is a blend of what I think is the best of both old and new tooling. Here is a quick peak inside and some tools I use. These are some old photos I dug up of when I moved into my current work shop. I hope this gives you a little idea of how my furniture is made.

The first photo is of some hand tools I use to finish wood surfaces and to cut and refine joinery.

These are some tools used for marking, measuring, and cutting dovetails joinery for drawer boxes.

Now take a look at my 5 in 1 European combination machine. This processes all my wood from the "rough" shape it is in after receiving it straight from my local saw mill. I then follow with hand tools to build and refine my work.

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