Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Continuous Arm Chair Plans - UPDATE

I just wanted to update everyone to let you know that the chair plans of Curtis Buchanan's continuous arm chair are almost ready. I have finished up my part of the technical drawings and we just need to get that fancy topographical map of the chair seat together. Someone else does that.

Curtis is working on a new website that will make it easier to make a purchase. I can't wait for the videos to start rolling out as well. They will be posted up on Youtube. This time he wanted to have the plans ready as he rolled out the videos so that you could build along if you wanted. Should be great.

There are some extra videos on some really important subjects that will be following as well. You will like them if you have ever needed help choosing a good log. He has tons of experience.

I'll update everyone when they go up on his site and the videos are up on Youtube. It should only be a few weeks from now!

1:2 Scale Front & Side View

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