Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Buy a Plane

I promised to update everyone and let you know how to buy a plane. So here is the low down. I am not taking any additional orders as of this time. I currently am taking inventory of my planemaking material.

As you can imagine it is not good business to sell what you don't have. Or in other words it doesn't work out well for me or the buyer to sell a plane and then not have the wood to make it or it not be seasoned properly. I think most of you that read this blog appreciate how much effort it is to get quarter sawn beech. If you don't know then read this post here.

Coffin Smoother

What does this all mean? It means that if I have sold you a plane then I have confirmed that I do have the beech stock on hand to make those planes. Everyone else that would like to buy a plane will need to keep an eye on my blog. Over the coming months I will be releasing some planes as they become available.

Jack plane

Why not take orders on these? It comes down to my scheduling. One thing is I still have outstanding chair orders that I need to fulfill. I will in the future continue to produce Danish modern pieces as I have been along with my wooden planes, thought the furniture will be much less by way of comparison.

Miter plane

I think there is something positive about this approach. It means that I will be more efficient at producing planes since I can work with the stock I have ready. Plus I can take advantage of some unique material, like pear and apple wood, that I have seasoning at the moment that otherwise, in a practical way, I wouldn't be able to take orders on because of the limited stock.

Panel Raiser

I will also be focusing on making sizes and styles of moulding planes that are suited for furniture making. These generally are the smaller sizes or profiles specific to furniture. These are the ones that are hardest to find on the antiques market since it is dominated by architectural moulding planes, etc.

Rabbet plane

Another positive thing is that I won't have a super long back order that you will have to sign up for if you want a plane. Everyone will be on an even playing field and when things come up for sale it will be announced and then first come first serve. If you miss out then you will be first up for the next batch if you tried for the previous one. I will explain more when that time comes.

Hollow and Round Pair

I am trying to keep this simple as I will have quite a varied schedule over the coming year. I realize things will evolve as I develop this aspect of my craft and try to accommodate the increased interest in the growing handwork craft movement.

I will have a few more announcements in the coming months that I currently have in the works for those of you that want to make planes yourself.

Stay tuned for updates and thanks for your patience. I will get back to my regular blog posts soon.


  1. hello caleb I wanted to ask you for some advise but I would rather not do it on a public forum. is there any way I can contact you privately. my name is luke b. by the way.

    1. Luke you can email me at