Monday, October 27, 2014

Making Traditional Wooden Planes by John M. Whelan

I am excited to share this news... John M. Whelan's book on Making Traditional Wooden Planes is finally being reprinted. I had called the publisher a couple of years ago and pleaded with them to reprint this book and pointed there attention to the crazy prices on Amazon. It got there attention, I think. 

When I continued to follow up and encouraged others online to do so as well I noticed they started moving in that direction. I talked to the publisher again last year and they had said they were trying to improve the quality of the images etc before moving forward. I started to think that this might be a lot longer than I had hoped. However I got a bit of a surprise when I got this notice. They are taking pre-orders with the expectation that it will be ready in Mid-November! Price is $22.95. Only about a buck more than the original. Buy it/Pre-order it here.

This is the best book on the subject of traditional one piece solid bodied planes out there. It isn't perfect but it is what is available. Maybe someday we can hope Old Street will write a book covering the subject in-depth and we all can learn a bit more on the nuances of the craft. 


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  1. Great heads up Caleb. It's good to see you keeping the art alive and relevant. Terry Gordon is doing the same down here too. I was talking with him on the weekend and he has some great new ( traditional ) planes on the horizon. Hopefully in time for our Fair next year. I'll get that email through to you too about the beading plane. Cheers.