Wednesday, January 7, 2015

1:2 Scale Beading Plane

Back in the summer I joined Instagram with the aim of sharing more of the things going on in the shop. To my surprise it has been a source of lots of new and I would say fresh things in woodworking to see.

If you are like me and have a hard time pinching your nose as you enter the forums these days then you might like some of the things you see there. Maybe its because a picture requires you to show your work rather than just talk about it. Seeing nice work is inspiring and makes you think about what is actually being made out there. I think what I have seen has effected my work for the better.

Along those lines, I ran across a really talented guy, Marco Terenzi. He makes a lot of 1:4 Scale woodworking tools. It is kinda mind-blowing to see what he is accomplishing. I joked with him about making a miniature plane and of course he encouraged me. We chatted about possibly collaborating on make a 1:4 scale beading plane. The issue with making them so small is the tools, so I would need some 1:4 scale planemaking tools! I know, these things start getting a bit wacky but kinda fun to change things up and see what happens.

Anyhow, we might get there at some point but I decided to modify a small carving chisel I had and make a 1:2 scale beading plane to just give it a go. I used a broken tang of a moulding plane iron for the new 1:2 scale iron and I was off and running.

1:2 Scale Beading Plane and Chisel

Here are a few more photos of the process.

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know the story. I got pulled into the "Giveaways" that some do on there so for fun I gave away the plane in the method others use.

By the way, I on occasion have extra planes that I make or prototype planes that I offer up for sale through Instagram so if you don't follow me there already via your smart phone or tablet Instagram app then you might want to, if you are interested in that sort of thing.

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