Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ogee And Reverse Ogee Moulding Planes Up for Pre-Sale

Hey all! I am sure you've been wondering where I have been off to for so long. Yep, you guessed it - making a load of 1/2" ogee and reverse ogee moulding planes.

If you have been wanting one, here is your chance. It has been a long haul on this run of planes and I am almost done with them. I am doing something different this time around. This time, instead of taking pre-orders before I even start and making you wait for months, you can place your order just a couple weeks before they are ready to go. There are limited quantities. (Do I even need to say that?)

You can place your pre-orders here in the shop on my new website (...that is only partially completed, Sorry!). If you are on my wait list for a specialty wood ogee plane I will be emailing you directly.

Ogee Moulding Plane

I should tell you that quite a lot of research has gone into these planes. First off, I had to establish what is and was traditionally the most used size of ogee plane. Consulting with the likes of Chris Schwarz helped me zero in on my size choices based on his knowledge of tool inventories from probate records. Then I spent time with Bill Anderson crawling through his collection of Ogee planes to find some beautiful examples. Thanks you two! I appreciate how this community shares its knowledge. Lots of givers out there.

Oh and here's an interesting factoid: All of these planes (and many to come) were made from a stash of quarter sawn beech that I purchased from Tom Lie-Nielsen. Story is he, at one time, was going to make moulding planes. Plans changed and I scored some wood that had seasoned for many years.

Reverse Ogee Moulding Plane

I also researched the plethora of ogee and reverse ogee plane profiles offered over the many years that they were made to settle on the proportion, angle, degrees of a circle for the cyma, etc. for just the right profile for furniture work.   

In short, I didn't want to make this plane until I felt completely comfortable that it was going to be really sweet. I feel good about these planes and I hope you do too.

Here is a peek at the planes in use in these YouTube videos. Enjoy!


  1. One word SWEET !!!! You out did yourself...

    1. Thanks Robert! Appreciate the positive words. :)