Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Windsor High Chair Plans From Curtis Buchanan Available

Dave Sawyer Windsor High Chair
Photo by Joshua Klein of Mortise & Tenon Magazine

Thought you all might like to hear that Curtis Buchanan has released his Windsor highchair plans. This chair seems to capture the affection of every Windsor chairmaker I know. Honestly many of them use it as a high stool for setting in. It's just perfect for squeezing into. Almost like a high perch when you don't really feel like lounging. A place to set when you feel alert and want your mind to actively wonder and plan your next project. I think I'm talking myself into making one of these for my own personal use. Anyhow now I have no excuse not to.

If you want to know more, hop over to curtisbuchananchairmaker.com and check them out. Also Mortise & Tenon magazine will be featuring an article on Dave Sawyer who made the high chair in the opening picture. Dave was a huge influence on the windsor chair world. His designs and mentoring were felt by makers like Curtis and Peter Galbert. If you have Pete's Chairmakers Note Book then you'll note the drawing of Dave's high chair in the introduction (page xiii). He's a big fan.

Whatever you're doing in the shop today have fun and stay safe!


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