Friday, June 5, 2015

Now Taking Pre-Orders on Side Beading Planes!

UPDATE: As of 6/8/15 -9:20 est- no more new pre-orders on this plane until next time. As always, THANK YOU for your enthusiasm! UPDATE

Its official, I am taking orders on side bead planes again! I am limiting it initially to the most versatile and used size for furniture, the 3/16" size. If you are interested in the 1/8" or 1/4" shoot me an email. I will then see what I can do to work those sizes into the production schedule based on demand. I'll close pre-orders shortly so place your order in the shop now. I begin production in two weeks and will be shipped upon completion there after. First shipments estimated week of July 13th.

For the sake of new readers... My planes are made from stock that I cut, dry and season. It is American beech and the planes are made in a traditional 18th century style and construction. These are not four piece planes glued together here. They are solid one piece construction that will last a couple hundred years if you and your grandchildren store them properly. Once the stock is roughed out on the table saw, the making process is 99% completed with hand tools. The blades are Lie-Nielsen tapered moulding blanks that I profile and heat treat in house.

Here is a short video of the 3/16" side bead plane in use.

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  1. This is what I have been looking for my wood furniture project. This hand made plane will be a perfect fit for creating delicate pieces.