Friday, April 25, 2014

Windsor Continuous Arm Settee Plans?

I was recently asked if I would be making continuous arm settee plans for the curved settee that I make. I would love to but the likely hood of that happening is nil considering the other things I have on my to do list.

So, I have something that is probably better. If you have ever wanted to make a regular (non-curved) settee then here is how you can do it with the continuous arm chair plans that I recently completed for Curtis' Buchanan.

Curtis Buchanan Settee

The only difference between the single chair and the settee is the width plus two more legs. You can even use the same bending form, really no kidding. Here is basically how to do it. By the way I don't know if this is how Curtis does it on his settee design but this is how I do it when making one.

Take the plans and add 20" to the bow length. Then add 20" inches to the seat width. The additions are just straight lines. So for example the seat will have more center spindles all at the same angle of the center spindle in the single chair plans.

The bow is, again, a straight section being added. Simply take the bending form for the single chair and steam and bend only one side at a time on the form. Do one side and leave it in the form for a few days or however long you want. Take it off the form and repeat for the other side. It is actually easier than a regular chair because you are just bending one side at a time rather than doing both in one go. By the way this isn't a cheesy way to go about it. Peter Galbert is the one I first saw do this rather than make a new form just for the settee.

Now for the center legs... You can simply use the center line as the sighting line and use the rake angle from the front and rear legs respectively for the drilling angles. The only catch here is that for the elements of the turnings to line up properly the center legs must be "squished". As I was writing this it hit me that Pete has written about this in the past. Here is a link to his blog post on the subject. Thanks Pete!

That is about it. I think you can figure out the rest!


  1. Caleb: Your generosity always inspires me. Thanks, Bill

  2. Bill,

    I do what I can. Thanks for your positive response.

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